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IGN sucks

2009-04-09 13:22:45 by SergeantLuke

Well, apparently I have been banned from the IGN forums for "terms of use violation". I don't know what I did, but I have read the terms of use and I know that I have NEVER harassed another user, I haven't ever used my account for advertising, and the extent of my bad language is the word "damn". The ban happened just an hour ago, so I'm praying it's a mix-up, but if it's not, screw you IGN.

EDIT: it seems I used the word "fuck" on a preview for Final Fantasy XIII. It was like 6 AM when I made that comment, so I probably was too sleep-stoned to know what I was doing. I've been unbanned, so you people can stop pretending to care about my life.


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2009-04-20 01:05:46

but i care about you seargent luke. im feelin....