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I may actually post something for once

2009-03-11 14:28:03 by SergeantLuke

Howdy folks! I have done absolutely nothing for 14 months now, unless you count reviews, in which case I've done a lot. But don't despair, my unfortunately-few-in-numbers fans! I will post something relatively soon!

Let me explain. My friends, ishfulness and Radiosity, are currently working on a game titled Lockdown. It's a sidescrolling shooter similar to Thing-thing, and involves a whole lot of running around and killing zombies. ish is the creator and level designer, while Radio is working on the engine to the game. Neither is finished, but I've seen some early designs and it looks totally epic. And what do epic games need?


And good ol' ish has given me the job of writing said epic music! I've finished writing most of the tracks- all I need to do is record them- so they should be up soon.

Until then, stay tuned!

EDIT 5/5/11: Yeah, as you've probably guessed from the age of this post, the game never got made and Ish has probably stopped working on it (I haven't spoken to him in a while). I DID write several tracks back then, however, and I may post them if I can arrange them to my satisfaction.


2008-04-12 11:14:42 by SergeantLuke

Well....... It's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry, but my laptop broke down and with it, I lost all interest in NG. But now it's fixed, and I am back!

My Audio

2008-01-27 10:41:26 by SergeantLuke

Ever since I joined, I've wanted some content to call my own (who doesn't?). So, while I work on my "Fun Zone" music video, I figured I could add some Audio, since it can't get blammed. It should be up there now.

-The Sarge

A future in ish

2008-01-17 21:40:17 by SergeantLuke

Well folks, my friend Malcolm (user name is ishfulness) has agreed to do a series with me, along with some games (I know nothing about ActionScript). I will make my own stuff, but my main projects are co-authored with him. Look for our first game, Burger Bobble, in a few weeks.



New year, new plans...

2008-01-09 19:25:16 by SergeantLuke

Happy new year, all! I just got back from my vacation a few days ago, and finally have time to update. I have a couple of new projects in the factory.

1. I'll be enhancing GAME OVER, hopefully this time it won't get blammed :P

2. A tickle me elmo parody. That's all I can tell you.

3. A music video of some sort. Haven't chosen a song yet, suggestions are welcome.

Well, that's all for now. I'll post GAME OVER as soon as I can, don't know when the other two will be up.


2007-12-23 11:08:59 by SergeantLuke

My first flash video is at the portal! It's called GAME OVER. It's short but sweet-- check it out!

EDIT: It was blammed, doy. Good riddance, too, it was pretty bad in retrospect.