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Some animations of mine

2012-05-09 20:24:54 by SergeantLuke

Hey, all. I'm in an animation class right now, and I've made a couple good projects. Neither of them have any sound, and one is uncolored, but I'm pretty proud of them. Thought I'd show them off.

This one, "Blob Beast", is my best work so far, even if it is the one without color. I hope you like it!

This game

2011-06-28 13:09:16 by SergeantLuke

Is not getting enough attention.


It's summer yo!

2011-06-24 16:44:28 by SergeantLuke

Alright! Now maybe I'll be more active on here! Post some content, go on the forums, write reviews...

Aw, who am I kidding? I'll probably just lurk and collect my daily EXP.


2011-06-20 22:40:47 by SergeantLuke



Ugh, my legs

2011-06-11 16:58:40 by SergeantLuke

Just got back from a 10-mile hike. Somebody help me.

Made it to Level 9.

2011-05-18 20:13:05 by SergeantLuke

I'm cool, now.

Hello, nobody. So, I looked around my page and discovered that I hadn't favorited anything or written a review since February 2010! I'm SURE I must have lurked about occasionally after that, but I've definitely been very inactive here on NG. And that's a shame, because I love this place and I'd like to have a reputation as a useful source of constructive criticism. I'm gonna try to be more active in my time on here, and I may even post some Art or Audio on here occasionally! No Games or Movies, though- those who can't do, teach, and I cannot do.

Catch you on the flip-side!

Um, hi

2009-12-16 00:16:28 by SergeantLuke

I am lazy. I haven't done anything other than reviews and favorites since I joined this website almost exactly two years ago, on December 17, 2007. Well, now that the Art portal has proven itself, I will be posting some hand-drawn artwork of mine. Not particularly good-looking, but it'd be nice to finally have something on here.

Oh, and if the fabled Lit portal is real, I'll totally be all over it. I'm a great writer.

This post was made for the sole purpose of getting that stupid post about IGN off my front page. Now stop reading.

Watch out for the blehblehbleh

IGN sucks

2009-04-09 13:22:45 by SergeantLuke

Well, apparently I have been banned from the IGN forums for "terms of use violation". I don't know what I did, but I have read the terms of use and I know that I have NEVER harassed another user, I haven't ever used my account for advertising, and the extent of my bad language is the word "damn". The ban happened just an hour ago, so I'm praying it's a mix-up, but if it's not, screw you IGN.

EDIT: it seems I used the word "fuck" on a preview for Final Fantasy XIII. It was like 6 AM when I made that comment, so I probably was too sleep-stoned to know what I was doing. I've been unbanned, so you people can stop pretending to care about my life.